What He’s Gifting—Holiday Inspiration from Levi’s Len Peltier

We asked our Global Creative Director, Len Peltier, to share with us the gifts he’ll be giving this season. His picks range from coffee table musts and kitchen staples worthy of display—to Levi’s classics. Even the hardest-to-shop for on your list will love these gift ideas. What are you gifting for the holidays?


1. Wes Lang The Room 34 Suite Special Edition Box Set, $1500
Len Peltier box set


2. Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Trail Crew Soap, $35
len peltier soap


3. “Stay Sharp” Horn Whiskey Tumblers, $89
len peltier whiskey tumbler


4. Levi’s Made & Crafted Tack Slim Jeans, $175
len peltier tack slims


5. Felicia Ferrone Revolution Glassware, $67
len peltier glassware


6. Levi’s 501 Wool-Infused Original Fit Jeans, $128
len peltier wool jeans


7. Commune Farmshop Napkin (Set of Four), $112


8. Vintage Junkyard Jeans Customized Trucker, $250
len peltier junkyard jean