More Than Words: “Show Us The Way” Film Competition Winner

In partnership with the American Film Institute, we are pleased to present one of the six films chosen for our “Show Us The Way” short film competition for up-and-coming filmmakers. The contest called on prospective filmmakers to submit actionable story treatments for the chance to produce a five-minute short film about a better tomorrow.
MORE THAN WORDS is from filmmaker Andrea Giacomini. Originally from Italy and a former drummer for the band Socadia, Giacomini became a filmmaker after making a music video for his band. Since then he has shot award-winning music videos and commercial spots for Fiat and Lincoln, among others. Shot in downtown Los Angeles, MORE THAN WORDS tells the story of a young girl that draws a better future from the back seat of her parents¹ car.
Check out Andrea’s website and follow him on Twitter.
View the film below and also check out a Q&A with the filmmakers below along with some behind the scene’s photos from their shoot.

What attracted you to this project?
I have many stories and ideas that I collect while I find the right opportunity to develop it.
When I heard about the AFI and Levi’s opportunity, I had a story idea that perfectly matched what they were asking for.
What is your film about?
My film is about seeing things from a different perspective. As a kid I always had trouble explaining to my parents what was going on in my head, and words didn’t help, so this is my visual explanation to them.
What challenges did you face in making your film?
There were a lot of challenges but mostly filming in a moving car and creating all the visual effects were the biggest challenges. When I was selected to this I jumped out of my skin from the excitement. But then, the day after, I stopped jumping and realized what I wrote in the submitted script and I panicked. What I wrote was one thing…how to accomplish it was another.  I had to come up with alternative solutions to the challenging visual efx scenes I wrote. It was very fun to make it happen, and I found a talented crew to work with. It’s important for a filmmaker to  be able to troubleshot constantly and I absolutely love finding unorthodox solutions to challenges.
What goals have you set for yourself as a filmmaker?
My goals as a filmmaker is to keep doing projects I love and hopefully very soon, to be able to tell stories and develop my creative perspective into feature films.
What’s up next for you?
A few commercial projects, a couple of music videos, and working on a feature film based on a book I love.
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