Outside Lands Photo Journal

A healthy crew of Levi’s folk attended Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival this past weekend, along with about 180,000 others. For us it was easy as the festival is located in our SF HQ’s backyard inside Golden Gate Park. We wanted to share a few highlights and memories from the weekend as seen through the eyes of our crew. Enjoy. 

With attendance averaging about 60,000 strong per day, you take the views you can get. 
Photo: Dre in Marketing
Some of us had amazing access that was put to good use by capturing this setlist from Metallica. How do you set yourself apart from other bands when you get to be the size of Metallica? One word–Pyro!
Photo: Christian in Marketing
The main stage headliners for each night represented a different genre with Neil Young on night one, Metallica on night two and Stevie Wonder shown here closing out the festival on Sunday Night.


Photo: Lauren in Marketing.

Small bands lived next to big bands. California Honey Drops from Oakland.
Photo: Tripp in Digital
Levi’s was a proud sponsor of the festival showcasing our Commuter line. While outside the festival gates we provided secure bike valet parking, inside we we hosted bike sprints with prizes for the fastest riders.
Photo: Grant in Marketing.
Getting to and from the festival isn’t the easiest thing by car, bus or train due to limited parking and long lines post-fest. So we were happy to provide free bike valet services in coordination with the festival including tune-ups from our Levi’s Bike Shop.
Photo: Lindsay in Marketing.
While we’re sure all the bike owners weren’t clean after a day of festivalizing, at least their bikes were.
Photo: Grant in Marketing.
One of the many reasons we love San Francisco–amazing people watching. This past weekend took it to a whole new level.

Photo: Sage in Design
For those looking for style inspiration there was plenty to be found including lots of looks with at least one piece of Levi’s included.
Photo: Tripp in Digital.
They don’t call it the art and music festival for nothing.
Photo: Sage in Design
Food is a big part of the Outside Lands experience with a ton of different local options to choose from. Del Popolo’s mobile pizzeria was on hand and if you haven’t tried it yet we’re not quite sure what you’re waiting for.
Photo: Carolina in Digital.
Franz Ferdinand went amp climbing on Sunday during their hi-energy set.
Photo: Rodrigo in Merchandising.
For those of you that missed the secret pop-up show from Jack White…yes it actually happened.
Photo: Tripp from Digital