Skateboarding in South Africa

For over 30 years, Levi’s has been the denim of choice for skateboarders. Our Skateboarding Collection re-imagines our classic styling to focus on superior construction, durability and comfort, specifically designed for skateboarders worldwide.

Providing resources for skateboarding is at the center of our mission. On the heels of our effort to bring skateboarding resources to India we found ourselves in South Africa, where we donated ramps to parks in Cape Town and worked with local riders and builders to revitalize a skate park in the Johannesburg suburb of Edenvale. The DIY effort, led by Jamie O’Brien of Woodie’s Skate Ramps, involved updating the park by repurposing found materials and scrapping older metal ramps for freshly shaped ledges and banks.

Check out the locals in action at the Johannesburg park.

south african skate shovel

south african skate air

South African Skate carrying plywood

south african kid adjust trucks

south african skate kid smiling

south african skate plywood expression

south african skate boarding and background guys

south african skate air stick