The Station to Station train rolled into the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul on a mission to make its mark. Still riding its high from the previous stops in New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago where the bar had been set high, it was time to reach new heights with a stacked lineup of music, art and culture.

The musical performances included Eleanor Friedberger, No Age, White Mystery and the legendary Patti Smith. While all the shows were great, catching Patti Smith inside the beautiful St. Paul Union Depot was the stand out. She opened by giving a nod to the architect that built the Union Depot, then went into her first song about the power of train travel, delivering an emotional impact right off the bat. She performed the first two songs acoustically with her son Jackson Smith. After her second song, she cleared all photographers out of the photo pit in front of the stage, saying “when a photographer pays 25 dollars then they can stand there.” With Patti what happens in between the songs is almost as good as the songs themselves.

Other highlights included a unique live performance was delivered by artist Fritz Haeg, who gathered the harvest from his Edible Estate project that was commissioned by the Walker Art Center and working with the Body Cartography Project brought the St. Paul Union Depot to life through movement and celebration. Minnesota-based artist Kate Casanova’s Vivarium Americana was installed outside the venue. It is a sculptural work in which the interior of a black 1976 AMC Pacer has become overgrown with live oyster mushrooms.

Five Nomadic Sculptures created by Kenneth Anger, Urs Fisher, Liz Glynn, Carsten Höller, and Ernesto Neto were installed outside the show. The artists were asked to envision a yurt (a portable tent-like dwelling traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia). The Nomadic Sculptures range from Höller’s yurt pierced with holes that visitors can throw Frisbees through, to Glynn’s creation of the universe that will evolve at each stop.

Additionally, Levi’s brand yurts, designed as an intimate gallery-like setting where local artists designed and crafted new products in real time. A tribute to the Levi’s brand’s “Makers” program, the Levi’s yurts celebrated local artisan products. Artists featured include Folk Fibers, Cobra Boots, Chimayo, and Junkyard Jeans.

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Station to Station is a nomadic “Happening” that moves by train from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast stopping at nine different locations from major cities to off-the-grid spots, each time for a one-night-only live event in September. An artist-driven public art project made possible by Levi’s®, Station to Station will raise funds through ticket sales and donations to support non-traditional programming at partner institutions around the country. A moving platform for artistic experimentation, the train’s journey will be constantly changing as artists and audiences alike encounter a creative collision of contemporary art, experimental music, and film. The Doug Aitken designed train turned kinetic sculpture will act as a cultural studio—globally broadcasting unique content and experiences from the stops as well as on the moving train. Long after departing the last station, Station to Station will leave an indelible creative mark on its local and global audience—opening eyes and shifting perceptions.

Brooklyn Launch (9/6) –> Pittsburgh (9/8) –> Chicago (9/10) –> Minneapolis / St. Paul (9/12) –> Santa Fe (9/18) –> Winslow, AZ (9/21) –> Barstow, CA (9/24) –> LA (9/26) –> Oakland / SF (9/28)





(Eleanor Friedberger)


(Inside the artist yurt of Ernesto Neto)


(Artist Fritz Haeg and Body Cartography)


(Levi’s yurt)


(Levi’s Makers Maura Ambrose and Alice Saunders)