In this life there are takers and there are makers. We’re here to celebrate the Makers—the unsung heroes who make things with their hands, one at a time.

Our Makers goods are born of resourcefulness, skill and a dedication-to-work that is fast becoming endangered in this world. These are the artists who still put their minds and hearts to their hands—thoughtfully crafting products of quality and beauty. We’re here to tell their stories.

First up we’re excited to showcase the work of Forestbound. A hunter of well-worn historic fabrics and hardware throughout New England, Forestbound owner and artist Alice Saunders constructs durable, one-of-a-kind tote bags, using exclusively found and salvaged textiles. The bags feature materials such as quality cowhide, denim and cotton duck canvas—many with original military or lumber co. screen prints. The bags are reinforced with authentic hardware in polished nickel or antique brass finish.

The bags can be found at the following Levi’s locations:  Meatpacking store in NY, Malibu store in Los Angeles and our  Castro, Market Street and Levi’s Plaza store in San Francisco.

For more info head on over to Forestbound.


forestbound_Alice Saunders