Hot Rod: Circa 1953. A Levi’s Vintage Clothing Film

For Spring 2013, Levi’s Vintage Clothing pays tribute to the golden era of the American Hot Rod, and the sharply dressed car owners and spectators who sported Levi’s.
In addition to releasing the collection of Hot Rod-inspired Levi’s jeans and Sportswear, the Brand teamed up with Los Angeles-based filmmaker and curator Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers, Art in the Streets, Sister Corita etc.) to make a short film about the origins of Hot Rod culture in Southern California back in the early 1950′s. Rose pulled from hundreds of hours of painstakingly researched archival footage ranging from old “juvenile delinquent” movies and Life Magazine drag-race films to home movies unearthed from personal collections. He also interviewed some of the surviving founders of the scene, including legends like world champion drag-racer “TV Tommy” Ivo and master painter, cartoonist and car enthusiast Robert Williams, whose name is almost synonymous with the culture.
The result is a striking and fast-paced film that captures the style and attitude of the uniquely American post-war subculture which continues to influence the worlds of fashion, music and mechanics to this day.
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