San Francisco’s fog may keep things cool year round, but winter is making itself known around the world. That’s why we’ve collaborated with The Woolmark Company to warm up your favorite winter styles using quality merino wool. Products like our classic 501 Jeans, the cold-weather wool Trucker, tees and Westerns get an extra dose of warmth, with wool woven right into the fabric.

Why wool? We chose wool because it’s sustainable, biodegradable, heat insulating, lightweight and cruelty-free. What else makes this super fiber so incredible? Check out this list of facts we’ve compiled below and make sure your winter gear is warmed up for the season.

1. Each year, one Merino sheep produces enough wool to make 150 pairs of the Levi’s® wool-denim jeans.

2. Merino wool draws moisture (and sweat) away from the skin, otherwise known as wicking, so the fiber stays dry to the touch.

3. To create the ultimate winter jeans, we weave wool yarns horizontally into the cotton threads which run vertically. In textile terms, the wool yarns are the weft and the cotton threads are the warp.

4. Wool flourishes where there is rain and sunshine. These two elements sustain the grassy fields that sheep graze on.

5. When absorbing moisture on a cold foggy morning, wool releases the energy equivalent of an electric blanket plugged in for over 8 hours.

6. Wool naturally contains lanolin, an anti-bacterial.

7. There’s enough wool on the average adult sheep to make 3 men’s suits, 6 dresses or 70 pairs of socks!

8. If you unravel wool from one Merino sheep, it can reach all the way from San Francisco to London.

9. Wool from approximately 7 sheep can wrap around the world—that’s about 25,000 miles.

10. Wool from about 61 sheep extend all the way from the earth to the moon.


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